Menorca is the most north- eastern island in the Balearic archipielago.
It´s name comes from the latin “insula menor” (minor island) as opposed to Mallorca “insula maior”.
It is the second largest in area with 669 km² and the third most populated. The capital is Mahón on the east coast whilst the most populated muncipality is Ciudadela on the west coast.
Menorca has two disticnt geological areas: the North is an area of wide open valleys whilst the south is a flat area with numerous ravines ending in cliffs.
In the past the island was highly desired by the English and French who occupied
the island on various occasions in the 18th century. Apart from a brief French controlled period from 1756 to 1763, Mahon and Menorca were under English control from from 1708 to 1783, until it was permanently returned to Spanish control in 1802 under the terms of the treaty of Amiens . From the period of English control Mahón inherited the rocking chairs and tall Anglosaxon houses with sash windows but no balcony.
It was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993.
The beauty and tranquility of the island will leave you speechless.

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